New Year, New Planner Pages

After much tinkering, I was able to create planner pages for my mini 3-ring binder that I love. Totally functional but with enough space to decorate (if you’re in to decorating your planner pages). Since I already have them made into PDFs for easy printing (and have plans for a lot more in the works)  I thought I’d offer them for download in case your looking for something new (or just want something different to put in your Target Dollar Spot mini binder).

Weekly : Week by week (use the skinny strips of each day to record work schedule, weight, kids school hours, etc.)
Midsheet : A shorter sheet to track and plan (cut down the middle and then trim off 3/4 inch from the outer edges)
Monthly : Month by month!

Important Dates : Right click here!
Lists : Download Here!
Long Term Finance Planning : Right clickie!
Travel Ideas : Dream of traveling!
Travel Plans : Make travel plans!

Coursera : Specialization Tracking : Get that certificate!
Coursera : Class Tracking : Learn new things!

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  1. Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve looked here I didn’t realize how cool your stuff is! Thanks for sharing!

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