SoulLoveSound.com was established in August of 2003 as a personal website for my own artwork, photos and writings. Until roughly 2010, a blog was always part of the picture. I discontinued blogging for a while until Tumblr gained popularity.

In 2015, I quit a long-term position in the private jet travel industry after almost 10 years in order to reduce the stress in my life, focus on a better work-life balance and indulge in more fulfilling work and life opportunities. Hoping to make a little money on the side, I opened Society6 and RedBubble shops. But my focus continually evolves, and JUST drawing or painting is too limiting for me. Gardening, travel, crafting, illustration, design and more are all passions I’d like to share in this space.

And so, SoulLoveSound continues to evolve.

More than 10 years down; here is to the next 10!

– Dawn / SoulLoveSound

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